Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caution: Objects may appear larger...

The other day, Sarah came into my room as I was folding laundry.  I had just happened upon a show on PBS.  She sat down and we both watched for a few minutes.  It was a new production of A Room With A View, something I have never seen but thought might be interesting.  Sarah reads like no other and I suggested she might be able to get the book for her Kindle for free.  (Books that were published prior to a certain date are free, otherwise the older books are sometimes a dollar or so)  Sarah did find it and read it in just a few days.  She loved it! 

I knew I had seen the movie listed on Netflix so I thought that would be a good Friday afternoon activity.  We loaded it up and began watching.   Lovely!  The dialogue is wonderful, the locations and costuming gorgeous.  The actors  (Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Rupert Graves, Daniel Day Lewis)  were excellent.  It was  going swimmingly until some of the male characters decided to actually do some swimming in the pond-  all very innocent.  We thought we might see a brief flash of backside but NO!!!  We were, to quote a new favorite exclamation heard on Antique Roadshow from a British guest, Absolutely Gobsmacked!!   We screamed, squealed and averted our eyes.  We glanced back thinking the brief nudity was over... nope!  More screams.  Just then,  Emily leaps up while saying, "I've got this!"  She grabbed a dishtowel laying nearby and did her best to cover the offending parts. Where's the remote when you need it?!?  The characters were jumping in and out of the pond, leaping about etc.  Guess how close 'things' look on a 60 inch screen?   The dishtowel wasn't providing sufficient coverage so Emily grabbed a  throw and held it up in front of the screen and firmly stated, "This is a crack free establishment!"    So funny.  We laughed and laughed and the girls kept saying, "My eyes!"  Awesome.

"I got this!"
Emily helping to maintain our standards.  (Shades of Louise Carling circa early 1980's during Kramer vs. Kramer at an exciting Young Adult activity)


  1. This is so hilarious. Way to go, Em!!

    Grandma Jeannine

  2. Even though you blog once a year, I still enjoy reading it! Very funny. I hope you are doing well!