Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm smiling today because...

- the sun is shining.

- my house is clean. ish.

- no one in my family is sick.

- my wonderful nephew just got engaged to an amazing girl.

- even though I have painfully slow internet service, I have internet service.

- there are horses in my bathroom.


I don't know why there are horses in my bathroom.

I'm just glad they're there.

Horses in your bathroom mean you still have a youngish child.


Thanks for the horses Em.


  1. Super cute. Pioneer woman would approve. I can't even nag about the fingerprints on everything under 4 feet at our house. I know it's fleeting.

  2. I didn't know you had a blog! I miss seeing you at church. It was nice to be around someone who appreciated everyday, simple, pure, and beautiful things (like the laughter of children). I hope you are doing well! Tell the ward hello.
    Sydney Hanson

  3. Love the horses! Such a nice touch. I really miss seeing Hot Wheel cars everywhere in my house. Sigh. Kids grow up way too fast. Enzo sends you his love! Hugs.